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What is ClassTune LMS ?

Classtune is a learning management system that enables institution administrations to stay connected to their employees, students and parents. The software allows administration to keep a track on how the session is progressing via reviewing the individual student and teacher accounts where all the notice and updates about classes can be found .







All Assignment Solution
In One Tool

Classtune lets teachers give assignments to students and students can submit the assignment and also get a grade using classtune. This makes learning more fun and efficient .

Individual Assignment

Group Assignment

Late Submission

Compiler Integrated



Assess Exam Papers Online

Classtune helps teachers to grade exams online. The teachers can mark the parts that require correction and also provide real time feedback for the students about their exams with the help of classtune .

User Friendly Mobile App

With classtune mobile application, students can get real time updates via notification about the events and course. Making the app a stable for every student .

Assessing Progress Through Online Quiz

With classtune,students can sit for a quiz anytime, anywhere. This is the quickest and most efficient form of student assessment that is available at the disposal of every classtune user .

Upload Reading Material In Less Than a Min

No more losing your notes or spending money on printing notes. Classtune allows teachers to upload reading material in the form of pictures or videos that will be stored in the system forever .

Powerful Editing Tool

Image Attachment

Pre-made Templates

YouTube Integrated

Draft for Post Edit

Accessible Anywhere

More Features